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Your liver performs hundreds of vital functions for you, as a large filter, it removes toxins from the blood. So, it’s very important to take good care of it. This formula contains herbs traditionally used to support and nourish the liver by providing key phytonutrients and support elimination channels in the body.

Why Liver Health formula?
The liver supports digestion by secreting bile to help break down fat. It controls the metabolism of nutrients and acts as a reservoir for both nutrients and metabolites. In addition, it functions to remove toxins from the blood. Liver Health features a unique blend of tonifying herbs that protect liver and aid its natural functions including toxin elimination, digestion, and antioxidant defence.


  • Burdock root
  • Turmeric root
  • Gentian root
  • Spirulina
  • Dandelion

Burdock root
Burdock has been consumed as a vegetable, and in the form of an infusion or poultice for home remedies. In traditional medicine, burdock is used as a blood detoxifier and to support liver functions. Recent studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of burdock. Research indicates that burdock has the ability to reduce oxidative burden and promote detox pathways that help eliminate toxins from the body.
Turmeric root
A common spice well recognized for its health benefits on liver health. As per Health Canada monograph, it is widely used in herbal medicine as a hepatoprotectant, to promote bile production by the liver and stimulate the gallbladder release during digestion. Curcuminoids are the main actives found in turmeric roots. A mounting amount of evidence supports the antioxidant potential of turmeric constituents and their ability to support body’s natural immune response.
Gentian root
Commonly called bitter root, gentian is known medicinally for its bitter glycosides. It is used in Herbal Medicine as a digestive bitter tonic to help stimulate appetite and aid digestion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, gentian root is recognized for eliminating heat and damp from the liver and gallbladder channels. It is also used traditionally to promote bile flow and help aid liver functions. Research indicates that Gentian has hepatoprotective properties due to its polyphenol compounds.
A blue-green alga, well known for its high nutritional value, including protein, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Studies show that spirulina supplementation helps support metabolic health and improve quality of life. Research also indicates that spirulina has protective effect on liver due to its ability to support liver enzyme activity and reduce oxidative burden.
Dandelion root
Dandelion root is reported to have tonic effects on the liver and gallbladder. It is also traditionally used to nourish the liver, kidneys, stomach, and blood. Animal studies show that antioxidants in dandelion root helps protect the liver.

Liver cleanse also features other herbs like slippery elm, fenugreek seed and safflower that naturally contain bioactive compounds to support the elimination channels. Traditionally, the inner bark of slippery elm, fenugreek seeds and safflower have been used to soothe and support gastrointestinal and urinary functions.

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  • Burdock root
  • Turmeric root
  • Gentian root
  • Spirulina
  • Dandelion
  • Provides nutritional support for the liver
  • Traditionally used to support liver functions
  • Supports natural detox pathways in the body
Take one capsule three times daily with a meal.
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