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SLMsmart Product Line

Take control of your weight for good with Synergy SLMsmart. This intelligent, low-glycemic system helps you achieve your ideal weight, no matter the goal—slim a little, lose a lot, or maintain for life.

SLMsmart's five-pronged, whole body approach revs up your body's fat burners, cleanses and detoxifies your body, helps optimize blood flow to increase energy and delivery of key nutrients, and helps to curb cravings between meals. Created in partnership with a distinguished doctor of nutrition, SLMsmart embraces a smart calorie mentality. Delivering the ultimate balance of nutrient-rich calories from the right sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, this brilliantly effective system ensures your body has everything it needs to look and feel its best.

Health Shake

health shakeTake the guesswork out of eating right and achieve your ideal weight with Synergy SLMsmart Health Shake. This delicious, instant meal replacement offers more benefit per sip with nutrient-rich, smart calories. The Health Shake fuels your body to keep it running at high efficiency for up to four hours.

The Health Shake also provides 26 grams of high-quality protein from three different sources (whey, casein and soy). This formula provides time-released blasts of protein for your muscles and metabolism to benefit from throughout the day. Additionally, Health Shake contains a balanced array of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to keep you energized.

Directions: Mix three (3) rounded scoops into 10 ounces of milk or water. Use to replace up to two meals per day.

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Calorie Burner

calorie burnerTurn up the heat with Synergy SLMsmart Calorie Burner. This powerful, thermogenic formula combines green tea with a time-released energy blend. Designed to supercharge your metabolism, Calorie Burner helps your body burn more calories and fat throughout the day. For energizing benefits without unwanted side effects, use SLMsmart Calorie Burner.

Directions: Take 2 capsules with a meal, twice daily.

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Crave Control

crave controlTake a break from hunger with Synergy SLMsmart Crave Control. This refreshing, strawberry-lemonade flavored drink mix promotes a sustained sense of fullness with a powerful blend of efficacious ingredients, including chromium picolinate, fiber, and a patented, all-natural potato protein extract. This delicious formula fights hunger for up to three hours at a time, reducing the cravings for sweets, high-fat treats, and fast foods. With Crave Control, healthy satiety is only a drink away.

Directions: Mix one (1) packet into 14 to 16 ounces of water.

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Body Cleanse

body cleanseFast track your weight management efforts with Synergy SLMsmart Body Cleanse. Featuring an efficacious blend of 35 time-honored herbs, this powerful formula helps rid the body of waste and unwanted toxins that can build up over time as a result of a poor diet, the environment, or the breakdown of stored body fat. Naturally gentle, Body Cleanse works without interfering with your daily activities. Purify and detoxify your body the easy way with SLMsmart Body Cleanse.

Directions: Take two packets daily; one packet with morning meal and one packet with evening meal. To be taken during the first week of each month.

Note: Body Cleanse has been formulated to work gently. However combining an effective cleanse with a newly modified, high-fiber diet, may lead to increased bowel movements. If this causes an excessive amount of discomfort or inconvenience, consider reducing your usage to one packet per day.

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proargi-9+ProArgi-9+ is key in helping the body achieve and maintain optimal weight. L-arginine, the primary ingredient in ProArgi-9+, enhances the body's ability to maintain lean muscle mass and shed fat during weight loss. By increasing lean muscle mass, the body effectively burns more calories. Additionally, L-arginine is metabolized to nitric oxide in the body, a gas that enhances blood flow and assists in the metabolism of fat and glucose.

Directions: Mix one (1) packet, or scoop (one serving) with 4 to 8 ounces of water. Stir to dissolve. It is recommended that you take two servings per day.

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SLMsmart Products and Essential Foods Work Synergistically

SLMsmart products work synergistically with the Essential Foods Plan to create a solid foundation of nutrition. During weight loss, it is important to substitute one or two meals with a nutrient-rich meal replacement. Synergy's Health Shake is one of the most nutritious, delicious, and effective alternatives to high-calorie meals. For breakfast, simply mix it with a high-protein beverage like milk or soymilk and enjoy. At the same time, take two Calorie Burner capsules to rev up your metabolism. Eat a piece of fruit with your meal and then, get out of the kitchen. You'll remain full until lunch.

By noon, you'll be ready for another healthy meal. Keep those calories burning by consuming another two capsules of Calorie Burner. By 3 p.m. hunger may set in, and this is where Crave Control comes into play. Mix one packet with 14 to 16 ounces of water to promote a sense of fullness and to provide you with enough nutrients until dinner.

Active weight loss is the ideal time to cleanse. The body will be burning up fat, which results in the release of toxins and chemicals not ordinarily present when your weight is stable. For that reason, use Body Cleanse morning and night during the first week of every month during the active phase of your weight loss program.

At the end of the day, by using SLMsmart products and following the Essential Foods Plan, you should feel full, experience no unwanted side effects, and be on the road to successful weight loss.